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Meet the team

The NowUp team is comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals that share a love for baseball. Each member of our team has a deep understanding of the obstacles a career in this sport can at times create, along with a steadfast drive to provide solutions to players who have encountered these barriers. Together, our goal is to be the number one resource for professional baseball players during and after their career is over.

Matt LaPorta

A member of the 2008 USA Olympic Baseball team and Bronze medal winner, Matt LaPorta has been a big name in baseball for the past several years. The first baseman and left fielder has most recently played for the Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles. LaPorta’s career ended early due to a hip injury – he currently lives in Tampa, FL with his wife, Dara and three children, Sienna, Price and Maddox. LaPorta is surrounded everyday by former players that are struggling to find a job resulting from lack of job experience. His passion lies with NowUp and being that go-to resource to make players feel like they have somewhere to turn for help and guidance.

“Baseball has and will always be a huge part of my life. I want to help others in my shoes, take the skills we as players learn and transition those into tools for success within the job market.”


Lance Carter

A Bradenton, Florida native and Major League Baseball American League All-Star, Lance Carter has been in the baseball world for more than 20 years. Starting his professional career out with the Kansas City Royals, Carter has since then played for the Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays, along with an international spell in Japan. On the flip side, Carter spent time on the coaching end of the game with the Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox and the University of South Florida in Tampa. Currently living in the Tampa area, Carter is married to his wife, Maeve and they have one daughter, Langley, who is 10 years old. Carter’s first-hand experience with both coaching and playing in the baseball realm has driven him to kick-start NowUp to facilitate an efficient transition from a baseball career to a successful business career.

“I want to be the resource for other former players that I never had.”



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Our Mission

NowUP is a non-profit organization based in the Tampa Bay area that was formed in 2014 by former Major League Baseball players, Matt LaPorta and Lance Carter. The foundation was created to serve as a career transition counseling resource for former professional baseball players, to assist in their shift from an athletic career into a business professional career. Our mission is to facilitate athlete’s success by providing the necessary tools to fully prepare them to enter the job market.

The Facts

Each year there are approximately 1500 players selected into the major league baseball draft and only 750 sign a professional contract. This leaves more than 750 baseball players looking to start a new career outside of professional baseball each year. The diverse skillset, outgoing personality, dedication, structured work ethic and determination athletes possess are qualities business owners seek and value in their employees; however lack of industry-specific experience is a constant hurdle athletes are unable to jump over.


The Game Plan

We’ve partnered with Right Management, a global leader in the talent and career management workforce, to provide solutions to bridge the gap between athlete’s diverse skill sets and the business world.  Transitioning 3 million people in 30+ years, Right Management is the perfect fit for NowUp’s program. They have proved to provide the highest quality transitional training and dedicated coaching these players need to succeed. Athletes will enter a three-six month long multi-level program, specifically geared towards their background.

The program will include the following levels and more:

Career Assessment Test Resume
Workshop Interview Tactics Networking
Strategies Social media Education
Organizational Effectiveness Employee
Engagement Innovative Technology
Resources Practical Skill Development
Job Board Training and Access
In addition, each athlete will be assigned a Career Coach that will check up on them seven days a week and keep them on track to ensure they meet their goals. The Career Coach will hold them accountable for their objectives and stand as a constant resource along the way.  Once this program gains traction, we’ll be creating higher level programs to continue and encourage growth including, internship programs, entrepreneur mentoring, continuing education resource and financial management tools and education. Our ultimate goal is to be the go-to resource athletes turn to after their baseball career is over.
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